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32 Stop Sign Cameras Activated in DC’s Street Safe Campaign

According to WJLA, the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) has officially launched its Street Safe campaign, which aims to reduce traffic violations, lower the number of crashes and save lives.

On November 23, thirty-two stop sign cameras were activated and will issue warnings to motorists through December 29. After December 30, actual tickets will be issued. Motorists could pay $50 for failing to stop at a stop sign, $250 for failing to yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian and $300 for speeding 26 mph or faster through an intersection.

Some drivers are not happy about the new cameras, saying they are still uncomfortable with cameras that could create too much of a “big brother” presence in DC; however, MPD says every ticket is reviewed by a human.

“These infractions are reviewed in a three-tier system, so things like that will be taken into consideration before we actually issue a live ticket,” Assistant Chief Lamar Greene told WJLA.

There are already many traffic cameras throughout DC, but Greene stated that this additional campaign is still needed.

“We’ve experienced reductions in traffic fatalities over the last ten years, so that would be my argument that this is definitely working,” stated Greene.

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We commend the MPD for the Street Safe campaign, because this measure could save the lives of not only motorists, but anyone using roadways.

If you have been injured in a transportation accident by a negligent driver, call our firm today. We want to hear your situation, your experiences. Feel free to comment below or visit our Facebook page to tell us your story.

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Source: http://www.wjla.com/articles/2013/11/stop-sign-cameras-coming-to-32-d-c-locations-97253.html