Metro Train Hits Woman at Rhode Island Avenue

A Metro train struck a woman at the Rhode Island Avenue-Brentwood station last month at around 2:24 p.m. The accident victim apparently trapped herself between the third rail and the chain link fence when the train accident occurred. Rescuers moved the 23-year-old victim to the platform level where DC Fire and EMS evaluated her before transporting her to MedStar with life-threatening injuries.

According to the Metro Transit Police Department, the woman was on the northbound tracks when the Red Line train struck her. She was conscious and breathing when rescue workers pulled her from the tracks. Authorities said the train was traveling slowly when it struck her.

Workers evacuated the station during the rescue operation. Trains were able to pass through the area but with long delays while the trains shared one track. Metro officials were able to communicate the delays immediately. Some witnesses wondered how the woman gained access to the tracks so easily.

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