Bike Accidents Costing Victims More Today

Over the past 20 years, the number of people injured in cycling accidents has increased. Sadly, the cost of each of these incidents is equally growing, per a study highlighted on Reuters. The increase of accidents and their associated medical costs is partly because of the growing number of consumers choosing to ride their bikes....

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Common Bike Crash Injuries

Leading Bicycle Accident Attorneys Representing Hurt Cyclists in Washington, D.C.

crashed bikeAlmost 40 million people in the United States ride bicycles, but what most do not know is that cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as other drivers. However, what cyclists do not have is the...

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D.C. Students to Receive Bicycle Safety Curriculum

The Bicycle Safety Curriculum

WTOP-TV has reported that children in D.C. will be introduced to bike lessons, or a bicycle safety curriculum for the first time this school year. “Every second grader is going to learn how to ride a bike,” said Miriam Kenyon, director of health and physical education for District of Columbia Public Schools, according to...

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