Metro General Manager Resigns Amid Turmoil

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The responsibility of ensuring safety for Metro bus and train passengers can be difficult, especially after there has been numerous accidents reported. Passengers count on the safety of using public transportation when traveling to work, home, and other places. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s ultimate goal is to assure the passengers there is no need to worry about safety.

Citing the urge to allow the transit agency a chance to regroup, Metro General Manager John Catoe Jr. resigned effective April 2. Many of the Metro board members tried unsuccessfully to persuade Mr. Catoe to stay. However, the resigning GM stated the decision to leave was completely his own. Metro transit suffered its most continuous stream of accidents over the past 30 years. Despite huge deficits in the transit budget and rampant passenger and employee accidents, the agency – once again – find itself looking for a new safety chief.

The safety of passengers is a task that must be handled with extreme diligence to detail. There cannot be a time when transportation safety issues are left unattended. This resignation may not have happened if earlier reports of safety issues were addressed and solved in a timely matter.

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