Can I Hold a Casino Liable For an Injury?

According to the Washington Business Journal, a D.C. man has filed a lawsuit against Cordish Cos. Inc., the developer of Maryland Live! Casino in Anne Arundel County, for $150,000 after a roulette wheel ball injured him. Photo of back injury

The news source reported that the man filed the lawsuit last November in the U.S. District Court for D.C. and that recently the judge overseeing the case denied a motion by the defense to dismiss it.

The man claims that he was playing roulette in 2013 when an employee operating the machine negligently caused a wheel’s ball to go airborne and strike him in the eye at a high velocity.

He claims that after the incident, he became disoriented and casino employees escorted him to a room with a bench and placed liquid drops in his eye, despite a “prominent contusion.”

The man claims that he then began to suffer blurred vision and lost his coordination, falling into a door. He says that after falling, he lost consciousness and needed treatment at a hospital. He alleges that he suffered a concussion and still experiences “post-traumatic headaches.”

Why is it Smart to Have a Casino Accident Investigated by an Attorney?

As this case shows, if you are injured in a casino, you can hold it liable. Casino operators have a duty to ensure the safety and security of their guests. This includes properly maintaining building structures and equipment, and keeping all areas hazard-free.

Our Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. injury attorneys hold business owners liable if they do not maintain their premises and/or their negligence results in injuries to guests.

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