Our Lawyers Discuss the Dangers of Defective Equipment on a Construction Site

If you are a construction worker, you use construction equipment and tools every day throughout the course of your job. Proper-working equipment is very important on construction sites, because one product’s defect can seriously injure or even kill those operating or working near the machine.

If you are at work and are injured by a defective ladder that caused you to fall, a defective excavator that tipped over or any other type of construction-related equipment, you may have a valid legal claim for damages against the manufacturer, the distributor or your employer. Manufacturers have a duty to create safe, effective products, and construction equipment is no different.

Koonz, McKenney, Johnson & DePaolis L.L.P. injury attorneys William Lightfoot and Paulette Chapman represented a construction worker who injured his lower back after a fall off a faulty ladder owned by the subcontractor. The injured worker is now limited to part time work due to his construction accident.

Our experienced attorneys successfully argued that the subcontractor should pay $825,000 to the injured worker, plus waive the repayment of all workers compensation benefits.

Arlington Worker Killed After Construction Equipment Tipped Over and Crushed Him

CBS DC recently reported that a worker was killed after a piece of equipment fell over and crushed him on an Arlington construction site.

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The Arlington County Fire Department stated that the construction accident occurred when an excavator tipped over and killed the man, who may have been operating the machine. Fire officials pronounced the worker dead at the scene.

The incident is currently under investigation, and police will investigate to see if a defect in the excavator caused the worker’s wrongful death.

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Source: http://washington.cbslocal.com/2014/05/19/construction-killed-when-equipment-tips-over/