If I’m in a Hurry, Can I Just Go Around Other Cars?

By Peter DePaolis

Impatience is never a virtue—especially not when driving a car. We all want to get where we’re going in a timely manner, but taking unnecessary risks on the road endangers everyone around us. We need to learn to slow down and be more cautious when we drive.

Additionally, we all need to be willing to assist others when they are hurt and provide assistance to investigators if we witness an accident.  If you cause an accident, you may be legally required to remain on the scene until investigators arrive.  Think of the help you would want if you were involved in an accident, and offer that same courtesy to those with whom you share the road.

A young girl in West Virginia was killed in a tragic car accident last month. Three others were hospitalized, including a second child. A witness to the crash chose to leave the scene rather than get involved.

The accident occurred on U.S. Route 522, a two-lane highway just north of Berkeley Springs. A Jeep was northbound when its driver stopped to turn left onto a side road. A silver car, also traveling north, tried to pass to the left of the Jeep, moving onto the opposite side of the highway. That car collided head-on with another vehicle in the southbound lane.

The silver car rolled over with three people inside. A 9-year-old girl who was riding in the front seat died at the scene. The driver and the back seat passenger, a second child, were taken to two different hospitals. The driver was later identified as the step-father of the two children.

The driver of the second car was transported to a nearby hospital.

The driver of the Jeep left the scene after the accident took place instead of staying and trying to help fellow citizens. Police are trying to track that car down, but said they have limited information about it.

I Was Hurt in a Car Accident, and I Need a Virginia Injury Attorney

In a situation like this, there are no winners: an impatient driver, an innocent driver and one who fled the scene without helping the victims. Unfortunately, it happens all too often.

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Did You Know? US 522 is a 308-mile highway running through four states: PA, VA, WV and MD. Only 19 miles of the route are in West Virginia.

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Source: http://www.your4state.com/story/d/story/one-dead-after-three-car-accident-police-searching/19223/JupwPeT990SS3rI_Qj-6RQ

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