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ATV accident on dirt road in DC

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are meant for entertainment purposes, but are unfortunately also the source of many injuries affecting Americans every year. In 2016, there were approximately 101,200 ATV-related injuries that required treatment, of which an estimated 26 percent of them involved children younger than 16, as reported by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

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Common Types of Injuries in ATV Crash in D.C.

The CPSC reports that the following injuries occurred in 2016:

  • 31,400 arm and hand injuries (29%)
  • 29,300 head and neck injuries (27%)
  • 23,100 torso injuries (22%)
  • 22,800 injuries to the legs and feet (21%)
  • 1,300 other injuries (1%)

The injuries range in severity. Head and neck injuries can be especially serious when riders choose to not wear helmets and due to the lack of protection that ATVs offer. Rollover wreck commonly cause spinal cord injuries and sometimes even paralysis.

Common Causes of D.C. ATV Accidents

These common factors often result in ATV collisions that cause injuries and in the most serious cases, death:

  • Driving on a paved surface, as ATVs are meant for off-road use only.
  • Multiple riders on an ATV that isn’t designed to carry a passenger.
  • Inexperienced riders.
  • Children riding without adult supervision.
  • Dangerous stunts and maneuvers or unsafe speeds.
  • Vehicle defects.
  • Substance impaired riding.

Who is Liable in an ATV Accident in D.C.?

Depending on the cause of the crash, there are multiple potentially liable parties. If an accident was the result of another negligent rider or a driver of a motor vehicle, the at-fault party’s insurance company would be accountable for payment. When a passenger is injured due to an ATV operator’s negligent actions, then the operator and their insurer may be responsible for any damages.
In a case of a faulty or defective ATV causing injury, the manufacturer and/or seller could be liable under product liability law.

Why You Need an ATV Accident Attorney

An ATV accident attorney can help you in determining liable parties, while also ensuring you receive the highest quality medical help that your injuries require. They will also advise on the types of damages you are entitled to and the value of your case. In doing so, they will protect you from insurance companies that will attempt to settle your case with a lower offer than you are warranted. Many injury accident lawyers will also cover all upfront costs and only recover legal fees once you receive a settlement.

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