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Police officers may have a special right to use force, but not when it exceeds what is necessary. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury or has been wrongfully killed from a police shooting in Washington, D.C., you may have the right to seek compensation for the harm unlawful actions has caused you. Contact the law firm of Koonz McKenney Johnson & DePaolis LLP to receive answers to your legal questions over a free initial consultation. Our experienced attorneys have years of experience in police shooting cases. Hablamos Español.

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How a Wrongful Police Shooting can Occur in Washington D.C.

Firearms are meant to be a last resort for police officers to defend themselves and the public, but there are circumstances in which shooting is unnecessary and would be considered excessive force:

  • Acting on wrong information (from dispatch, etc.)
  • Law enforcement failing to identify themselves
  • Police brutality
  • Lack of training and poor judgment (86 people carrying fake guns were shot and killed between 2015-2016)

When is the Use of Deadly Force Allowed in Washington D.C.?

A police officer may use deadly force when they have cause to feel an imminent risk of death or injury.  For example, if a suspect threatens an officer with a gun, if possible the officer must first warn the suspect before shooting. The use of deadly force is unjustified when a suspect poses no immediate risk of death or harm to an officer and civilians.

Liability in a Washington D.C. Wrongful Police Shooting

When a police shooting occurs that exceeds the necessary force, the police department may be liable for the law enforcement officer’s actions, and in addition, a civil lawsuit may be personally brought against the officer. If the shooting caused serious injury, a misconduct claim can be filed to seek compensation. If the incident resulted in a loved one’s death, a wrongful death claim can be pursued.

Why You Need a Wrongful Police Shooting Lawyer

A case involving an unwarranted shooting can take years to resolve and can be incredibly complex. Obtaining a successful outcome will require a skilled legal team that has the time and resources to gather strong evidence on your behalf. Independent investigators and crime scene experts will need to be hired to look at the facts surrounding the shooting in order to determine whether it was justifiable or an excessive use of force. Eyewitnesses will need to be interviewed, the crime scene must be well documented, and any video of the incident obtained. By hiring an attorney to advocate for you, all of these details will be taken care of while you focus on healing and your family.

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