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Over 50 percent of all fatal traffic accidents in Washington, D.C. involved alcohol impaired drivers in 2017. Surviving an accident after hit by a drunk driver can cause catastrophic damage, not only to property, but physically and emotionally as well. If you or someone you love has suffered injuries after being hit by a drunk driver, contact the law firm of Koonz McKenney Johnson & DePaolis LLP. Our highly experienced drunk driving accident legal team will evaluate your case for free. Contact our office today and schedule a free consultation to discuss your options.

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What to Do after Being Hit by a Drunk Driver in Washington, D.C.

Call the Police

Regardless of the severity of the accident, notifying the police will guarantee that the accident is documented. This can be crucial when filing an insurance claim or lawsuit against the drunk driver.

Collect Information

If you are physically able to, collect as much information from the accident scene as possible. This includes the at-fault driver’s contact and insurance information, any on scene witness information, and take photos of the accident and injuries. You can obtain contact information for the at-fault driver from the police if you feel uncomfortable or are unable to speak with them.

Seek Medical Treatment

No matter how minor, seeking immediate medical attention after being hit by a drunk driver will be critical to your claim. Injuries may not be immediately apparent, but having documentation is necessary to recovering payment in an insurance claim.

Speak to an Experienced Washington, D.C. Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

Before speaking to the drunk driver’s insurance company, speak to a drunk driving accident lawyer who can evaluate your case and advise you on your legal rights for obtaining compensation.

Washington, D.C. Drunk Driving Accident Statistics

These drunk driving accident statistics were originally reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s publication, “Traffic Safety Facts for 2017”:

  • There were 10,874 fatalities in drunk driving accidents, totaling 29 percent of all traffic fatalities for the year.
  • On average, one person died every 48 minutes due to alcohol-impaired-driving.
  • The estimated cost of all alcohol-impaired crashes in 2010 was $44 billion.
  • Of the traffic fatalities among children 14 and younger, 19 percent were due to alcohol-impaired crashes.
  • Of all age groups, 21-24 year olds had the highest percentage (27%) of drivers with a BAC above the legal limit in fatal crashes.
  • The percentage of drivers with BACs over the legal limit in fatal crashes was highest for fatalities involving motorcycle riders (27%), then passenger cars (21%), followed by light trucks (20%), and lastly large trucks (3%).
  • Fatal accidents involving alcohol impaired drivers occurred 3.6 times more often at night than during the day.

Drunk-Driving Accident Liability in Washington, D.C.

Most often, when hit by a drunk driver, the impaired driver will personally be or their insurance company will be responsible for any damages caused. Damages you are able to be compensated for include medical bills and injury-related expenses, property damage, lost wages, lost future income, pain and suffering, and more.
There may also be a third party liable, such as the establishment that served the impaired driver alcohol, under dram shop laws. This could especially be the case in DUI accidents involving fatalities.

Why You Need a Lawyer after Being Hit by a Drunk Driver

Insurance companies cannot be trusted to offer you a fair settlement for your injuries and suffering. They are “for profit” businesses, looking to deny or minimize the amount of money they pay out on behalf of their drivers. By hiring legal representation, you will be protected from accepting an offer that is lower than what you are entitled to and  the insurer will know that you are serious about being fully compensated. An attorney will skillfully negotiate on your behalf to ensure you receive a full and fair settlement. If unsuccessful in reaching an agreement by way of negotiation, an experienced drunk driving accident lawyer will not hesitate to represent you in court to pursue what you are rightfully owed.

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