Will Improved Transit-Rail Safety Oversight Help Prevent Train Accidents?

By Peter DePaolis

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highway traffic Recently, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) held a media event in Washington, D.C. to announce its list of “Most Wanted” safety recommendations. The NTSB’s recommendations included plans to improve transit-rail oversight to prevent train accidents.

What are the NTSB’s “Most Wanted” Safety Recommendations?

The “Most Wanted” safety list includes the top 10 recommendations for preventing transportation-related property damage, injuries and deaths throughout the US. The NTSB has been issuing the list for 26 years and uses it to develop a plan for a safer future for all modes of transportation, from cycling to rail travel.

The latest “Most Wanted” list includes the following transportation safety recommendations for 2017 and 2018:

  • Expand recorder use
  • Improve transit-rail safety oversight
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Improve medical fitness requirements for operators
  • Expand the use of collision avoidance technology
  • End drug impairment and alcohol use amongst transportation operators
  • Implement stronger protections for transportation occupants
  • Ensure hazardous materials are shipped safely
  • Lower the number of accidents related to fatigue
  • Prevent the loss of control for operators during general aviation flights

Many of these recommendations address issues that have plagued us for some time. Whether the NTSB’s increased focus on solving these specific problems will lead to significant progress remains to be seen.

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