What Can A Workplace Do To Prevent Carpal Tunnel?

By Peter DePaolis

Many workplaces make an effort to introduce ergonomics in order to help in carpal tunnel instances, but it hasn’t solved the problem. When working on cases involving carpal tunnel, injury attorney David Schloss finds a way to prove that the sole cause of his clients injury was the person’s work. An employer can take steps to help prevent injury at work. This includes making sure the workplace is ergonomically correct, hiring an expert to come in and evaluate what might be changed, and keep in mind that they have an obligation to post the rights and obligations of an employee if they are injured at work. Make sure to find the best injury attorney to get compensation for your injuries at Koonz McKenney.

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I would say that there is definitely an emphasis in certain workplaces on ergonomics, and that has helped, but it is not has not solved the problem. It is also true that carpal tunnel may have other causes, we need not prove in a workers compensation case that the sole cause of the injury was that person’s work. We just need to prove that there is a relationship between the work that that person was performing, and the condition that their receiving treatment for. Make sure that their workspaces are ergonomically correct, perhaps hire an expert to come in and evaluate that, and of course be aware that you have an obligation as an employer to post the rights and obligations of that employee, if he or she is injured at work. And if you don’t do that you can open yourself up to civil fines as well. For more information please go to our website Koonz.com
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