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Workers’ Compensation Videos

Posted on November 11, 2016 to

Workers’ Comp Lawyer On What To Do After Being Injured On The Job

Helping Work Injury Victims Across DC, Virginia and Maryland

Many injured workers do not know exactly what to do after an on-the-job accident and wrongly assume workers’ compensation benefits will be awarded without any problems arising. In this series of video, a workers’ comp lawyer reviews the differences between filing in Washington, D.C. vs. Maryland or Virginia, plus:

  • Why is it important to immediately tell your supervisor after an injury?
  • Are repetitive motion injuries covered under workers’ comp?
  • Why should you speak to a lawyer before giving a recorded statement?
  • Can you choose your own doctor?
  • What is the amount of workers’ comp benefits a person can receive? Is there a cap?
  • What if you are permanently disabled?

Our law firm offers consultations regarding your workers’ comp claim at absolutely no cost or obligation to retain our firm. We also assist workers to appeal their claim if benefits were denied. Reach out to us with your workers’ compensation benefit questions after being injured while working.