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Federal Torts Claims Act Videos

Posted on November 11, 2016 to

Video On The Federal Tort Claims Act From Our Personal Injury Lawyers

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Many people do not understand or even know about the Federal Tort Claims Act until a tragedy has struck them or a member of their family. The Federal Tort Claims Act has rules for when and how a person can file a lawsuit against the government.

These videos discuss a well-publicized case handled by our personal injury lawyers that involved the Federal Tort Claims Act and a wrongful death lawsuit. The case involved a man who died because Washington, D.C. paramedics wrongfully diagnosed him as having acid reflux disease while in fact, he was about to go into cardiac arrest. He passed away as a result of this negligence, leaving a wife and children behind.

The case fell under the Federal Tort Claims Act because the paramedics were employed by the District of Columbia, a government entity. When a person is hurt or killed due to the negligence of a government worker, an experienced federal tort claim attorney is absolutely necessary to pursue the case. There are different sets of rules and deadlines that must be strictly followed or there is risk the case will be dismissed.