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Asbestos Disease Videos

Posted on November 11, 2016 to

Video From Mesothelioma Attorneys Discussing Asbestos Exposure

Serving Victims in Virginia, Maryland and the DC Area

On this video, our mesothelioma attorneys answer common questions regarding asbestos exposure and asbestos-related diseases, including:

  • What is asbestos, and why is it so dangerous?
  • Do products today still contain asbestos?
  • What types of jobs had workers routinely been exposed to asbestos?
  • Is asbestos still a problem in the US?
  • Can a person file an asbestos lawsuit?

Founding firm partner Peter DePaolis devotes a significant portion of his practice to people diagnosed with mesothelioma, recovering over $30 million in damages for affected individuals and families. His work in asbestos lawsuits has resulted in changes to the law; his successful case Wilson v. Johns Manville established that people exposed to asbestos can have multiple claims when diagnosed with asbestosis and then mesothelioma later in life. This court decision has led to more recoveries for workers with asbestos disease throughout the nation.