Tractor-Trailer Crashes and Stops Within Feet of Home

By Peter DePaolis

According to WNEP 16, a tractor-trailer crashed and flipped just a few feet from a residential home in Jessup, Maryland. Police officials said the truck’s brakes failed at some point going down Hill Street, causing the tractor-trailer to roll over and narrowly miss a home at the intersection of Hill Street and Constitution Avenue. The 18-wheeler, which was hauling laundry detergent to Canada, ended up on its side in one family’s front yard.

The man and his family saw the tractor-trailer come barreling at them and land only feet away from the side of their home. The driver of the tractor-trailer told police officials he was lost and should not have been on Hill Street in the first place.

Jessup residents say they see tractor-trailers going down Hill Street all the time. Large trucks are not allowed on Hill Street unless they are making deliveries, and that is because they have caused accidents in the past. The truck restriction was stiffened after two 18-wheelers crashed into homes in the 1980’s.

Police said the tractor-trailer driver will be cited for not properly maintaining his brakes.

How Often Do Mechanical Problems in Trucks Cause Accidents?

Truck accidents are some of the deadliest hazards that a motorist faces on the roadway. While they sometimes occur due to driver error, truck accidents can also be the result of mechanical failures, like what happened to the trucker’s brakes in this accident.

Trucking companies have an obligation to maintain their vehicles, including their brakes. As injury attorney William Lightfoot explains in the video above, at Koonz, McKenney, Johnson & DePaolis L.L.P., we protect the rights of those hurt by large corporations, including trucking companies.

If you or a loved one is suffering because of an accident that was caused by a negligent trucking company, contact us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case. There is no need to suffer because of a trucking company’s mistake.

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