Students Responsible for Fire at Local School

Woodrow Wilson High School recently underwent over $100 million in renovations. Last month, it suffered a setback when students intentionally set fires in one of its bathrooms, causing $150,000 in damages. As reported at, four students are responsible for the fires and the principal wants them expelled. In addition, the principal wants the authorities to press the most severe criminal charges possible.

In reaction to the fires, the school has re-positioned security cameras around the bathrooms to give a better view of entrances. Security personnel will be monitoring the cameras as well. In all, there were two intentionally set fires at the school, and the school hopes to recover repair costs from the students responsible, according to the Post report.

The school warned students that if they knew of the fires and did nothing to stop them, the school would hold them just as responsible. No one suffered injuries in the fires at the school. The school was able to evacuate the students at the time of the fires.

Do you think expulsion from school is justified for any student involved in the fires, regardless of their level of involvement? Contact our office today for more information.

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