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Union Member Workers’ Compensation

Posted on November 17, 2016 to

Experienced Work Injury Attorneys Supporting the Rights of Union Workers Under Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia Laws

Labor Union Member in Need of Union Workers’ Compensation?

Construction WorkerFor many years, unions have worked to provide employees with better pay, safer working conditions, retirement benefits, workplace safety and workers’ compensation laws. Though only a small percentage of the workforce consists of union members, being a part of a union can benefit much of the workforce and affect your workers’ compensation benefits.

Workers’ comp claims may be different for union members. Our firm’s Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia workers’ compensation offices continue to support unions both in and beyond the courtroom.

If you are hurt and are a member of a union, you may be able to have the union workers’ compensation attorney from your labor union represent you. However, you also have the right to retain your own workers’ comp lawyer with experience handling public and private sector union members in the construction industry and other trade unions across DC. The Koonz, McKenney, Johnson, DePaolis & Lightfoot, L.L.P. law firm offers free consultations and unbiased legal advice, so there is no reason not to call for guidance on how to proceed with your union workers’ compensation claim.

How Can My Labor Union Help Me Gain Union Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

States govern their own workers’ compensation regulations, and employers are responsible for granting benefits to employees injured on the job. Employers with injured workers may have to pay higher insurance premiums and deal with the loss of an employee for a certain amount of time.

Providing workers’ compensation benefits costs insurance carriers money, so these parties have a mutual interest in denying or preventing claims. Due to this, some employers do not provide sufficient information or present misleading information about workers’ compensation to prevent injured workers from filing for workers’ compensation benefits. Insurance providers may also deny claims or provide insufficient benefits to injured workers.

If this is the case with your work injury claim, contact our union workers’ compensation lawyers immediately to learn if you are able to file an appeal for your deserved benefits.

Union Members’ Rights to Workers’ Compensation

Unfortunately, companies neglecting to tell workers of their rights after work injuries is an effective strategy for employers to save money. Studies show that higher denial rates of workers’ comp lead to lower rates of claims. Intimidated workers do not have enough information or are otherwise discouraged from contacting workers’ comp attorneys or do not file claims. This is the most common obstacle that prevents injured workers from filing claims.

Unions fight back against these efforts by providing employees with information about workers’ compensation and generally make the process of filing claims easier. They can assist with the basic procedures involved with filing a claim and can give workers advice about the union workers’ compensation process.

Through various methods, unions also work to protect employees from employer retaliation, and let workers know that retaliation is unacceptable in the workplace. One study states that union members are 60 percent more likely to file claims than non-union members are.

If You Have Sustained a Workplace Injury, Talk to Our Union Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Near You

Any time need advice or support in a union workers’ compensation claim, appeal or denial, an on-the-job injury lawyer in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia at our firm is available to guide you. If you are injured at work, you likely cannot afford to pay for your medical expenses and household bills while you recover from your injury. The workers’ comp system is there to provide hurt employees and their families the medical treatment and financial support workers need when they are unable to work, and we believe union members deserve this financial support after workplace accidents as well.

Our Washington, D.C. personal injury attorneys are widely recognized for their legal abilities, and many of our clients highly recommend us. For free legal advice from our workers’ compensation lawyers, contact us today to schedule a consultation.