Road Rage: A Growing Problem on American Roadways

By Peter DePaolis

“Road rage” is a budding problem among frustrated drivers, and can include rude movements, calling out insults or deliberately driving in a threatening, dangerous way. Sadly, too many of us have seen or heard of this kind antagonistic behavior by a driver.

Over 1,200 cases of road rage are reported every year, many leading to fights, attacks and crashes; as many as 25 percent end with serious injuries or fatalities. Studies have shown that the average age of people suffering from road rage is 33. Startlingly, 96 percent of them are males.

rear-end automobile accidentLast year during a particularly violent road rage incident, Joseph Walker, a New Jersey detective, shot and killed a Millersville native named Joe Harvey.

After Walker allegedly cut in front of Harvey while both drivers made a left turn, Harvey and his passenger made rude gestures to Walker and his family in their minivan.

Both drivers pulled over, and Harvey got out of his car “aggressively,” according to a witness.

Harvey was upset and started swearing at Walker. He also apparently used a racial slur. As the two men approached one another on the roadside, Walker pulled his service revolver. The witness said that Walker neither displayed his badge nor identified himself as a police officer.

Walker shot Harvey once, paused, then fired two more times. He hit Harvey all three times.

Police charged Walker with second-degree murder, but a grand jury later changed it to first-degree murder. He now faces a lengthy prison term, and his children will forever be haunted by what they saw their father do. And all because of a left turn.

Can a Washington, D.C. Injury Lawyer Help Me With My Road Rage Accident?

Have you been the victim of road rage? Share your story on our Facebook page. If your experience led to an accident or injuries, you have legal rights. Contact us right away to discuss your case. Our team of experienced car accident attorneys can advise you on how best to proceed.

Did You Know? A recent study showed that the city with the most aggressive drivers is Miami. Washington, D.C. is in the top 5, along with Boston, NYC and LA.

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