Refilled Propane Tank Explodes, Nearly Killing Maryland Man

By Peter DePaolis

More and more people take to grilling and cooking outside during the warm weather and holidays of the summer months. Many use propane tanks, which are normally extremely safe to use. A Department of Energy study found that the risk of death associated with propane storage and transportation was only about one per 37 million people. Despite propane’s safe record, negligent handling of the gas can still cause injury. If an explosion or fire has injured you or a loved one, a Maryland personal injury lawyer offers the expertise and experience you need to obtain compensation for your injuries.

An explosion nearly killed a Maryland man a few weekends ago as he was unloading a recently refilled propane tank. As he pulled into his driveway, neighbors of the 28-year-old man told him that there was smoke coming from the tank. The man lowered his truck’s rear gate and reached for the tank when it ruptured and exploded. The explosion decimated the truck, destroying most of the truck’s interior and rear bed. The man suffered first and second-degree burns. Given the extensive damage to the truck, the state’s deputy chief fire marshal was amazed that the explosion did not kill the man.

There are steps consumers can take to lessen the risks of accidents with propane tanks. If you notice an odd odor, you should contact emergency officials immediately. Professionals put chemicals into propane gas to give it a strong, distinctive smell in order to be able to detect leaks more easily. Always inspect propane tanks for cuts, dents and rusting and replace them if need be. Using a combination of liquid dish soap and water, brush the mixture onto hoses and connections to check for bubbles, which indicate that there is a leak.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in an explosion or fire, contact a Maryland personal injury attorney at Koonz, McKenney, Johnson & DePaolis L.L.P to learn about obtaining compensation.

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