Rain Blamed for Chain of Accidents on Virginia Highway

By Peter DePaolis

Weather always plays a role in the condition of our roadways. Snow, sleet, rain and fog can all affect visibility and traction. It is important to remember that when driving in adverse weather, we all need to slow down and take a little extra care.

A hydroplaning car is thought to have caused a chain-reaction accident earlier this month on I-77, leaving traffic clogged for miles.

virginHydroplaning, also called aquaplaning, occurs when a vehicle loses traction with the road due to a standing layer of water between the pavement and the tire. It can be caused by worn treads, underinflated tires or ruts in a roadway caused by heavy vehicles.

The initial incident happened when a semi loaded with large sheets of aluminum came up behind a vehicle that was caught in a hydroplane.

The trucker slammed on his brakes to avoid the smaller vehicle, but lost control and jackknifed his rig, spilling his load on the interstate.

A second truck came upon stalled traffic, and was forced off the side of the road. The trailer ended up lying on its right side, and the driver had to be hospitalized.

Around the same time, a Hummer rear-ended another vehicle, forcing it into the back of a third semi. Luckily, there were no injuries in that collision.

Finally, another tractor trailer came up on the line of traffic, and ran off the other side of the road. The trucker did not hit any other cars, but the accident caused serious damage to the body of his vehicle.

It is extremely fortunate that no one was seriously injured in this chain-reaction.

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Did You Know? Over the past two decades, the number of truck accidents has increased by 20 percent.

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Source: http://www.thecarrollnews.com/news/home_top-news/50144632/Rain-blamed-for-chain-of-accidents-on-I-77#.U-UjUfldUm0

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