DC Issues Leading Causes of Preventable Deaths

By Peter DePaolis

Tobacco, Poor Diet, Medical Errors Part of the List

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Victims of accidents and the negligent acts of others play an important role in ensuring that these incidents occur less in the future. Injured workers who pursue their rights can ensure better training and a safer work place for future employees. Medical patients can prevent doctors from making similar mistakes or oversights on future patients. People injured in car accidents can send a message that distracted driving and putting others at peril is not acceptable.

In an effort to reduce the numbers of preventable deaths in the District, the DC Department of Health released a study of the top preventable causes of death in DC. Preventable deaths made up just shy of 50% of all deaths in DC. The two leading causes were tobacco (16.6%) and poor diet and physical inactivity (15.1%). Other causes were alcohol consumption (2.9%), firearms (2.7%), medical errors (2.7%), motor vehicles (0.6%), and lack of insurance (0.6%).

The goal of the report is to improve how government services and policies are created and delivered to DC residents. Because preventable deaths are just that – preventable – the Department of Health hopes to bring down the numbers associated with these causes. By recognizing these leading causes of preventable deaths, DC residents can take proactive steps so that they and their loved ones can live as long and healthily as possible.

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