People Rescued from Collapsed Parking Garage

By Peter DePaolis

The Watergate hotel will forever be remembered for the events that brought down an American president, but the luxury hotel has continued on since the 1972 burglary. The years have weathered the 10-acre complex, but the owners want to keep the landmark in glamorous high-end condition. The caretakers of the hotel have embarked upon a $125 million renovation, but that endeavor has hit a snag, a collapsed parking garage.

On May 1st, the Watergate’s parking garage sustained a collapse. One floor collapsed upon another while the building was being renovated. At 11:30 that day, one worker was still missing, but fortunately he was accounted for and transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The D.C. Fire and E.M.S. Department used search-and-rescue dogs to search for any other potential victims, since the garage was a public parking facility. There has been no word on any other potential victims.

Who is Responsible for Collapsed Parking Garage Construction Accidents?

With large equipment, scaffolding, and falling debris a constant threat, employers in the construction industry are required to keep their workers safe. We don’t know if negligence was a factor in the Watergate garage collapse, but the injured parties deserve a thorough and fair investigation.

How Can an Attorney Help With My On-The-Job Injury?

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