Medical Malpractice: What is a ‘Never Event’?

By Peter DePaolis

Did you know that about 4,000 people are killed each year in never events involving botched surgeries called a “never event”? Additionally, countless other Americans are injured in never events, which occur when items are left in patients, arteries are severed or the wrong organs or limbs are worked on by a doctor.

This form of medical malpractice is unacceptable—survivors can face a great deal of pain, suffering, rehabilitation and therapy due to mistakes.

Hampton VA Sued For Botched Surgery on Wrong Bone In “Never Event”

One botched surgery making the news recently involves a man who claims to have sustained nerve damage in his foot after doctors at the Hampton VA Medical Center allegedly performed surgery on the wrong bone.

According to the Virginia-Pilot, the Navy veteran was to have a plate and screws inserted onto a broken bone in his foot, except doctors performed the operation on the wrong bone. The man is now suing the federal government for $2.15 million in damages.

Because of the alleged mistake, the man had to have an additional surgery to remove the plates and screws inserted on the wrong bone, while having to endure another surgery to repair the right bone. The man claimed that due to this, he developed an infection after the operations.

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