Suburban Maryland Motor Scooter Accident Lawyer

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In recent years, electric scooters have become incredibly popular. If you live or work in a city, you’ve probably seen them parked haphazardly on the sidewalk or street, waiting for their next rider. Scooters don’t typically come to mind when someone is thinking about potential accident dangers. But as their popularity grows, so does the number of motor scooter accidents.

If you’ve been hurt in an accident with a Bird, Lime, or another electric scooter on the suburban Maryland streets, the law firm of Koonz McKenney Johnson & DePaolis, LLP, can help. For over 40 years, we have represented injured people as they seek the compensation they need and deserve. Call us today to see if we can help you.

The Dangers of Motor Scooters

Much like a bicycle, riders of electric scooters have little protection. If they are hit by a car or have a crash because of a road hazard, the chance of serious injury and even death is high. Besides scooter drivers being less visible to car and truck drivers, there are other dangers to consider.

Scooter Instability

Scooters have small wheels and a very short wheelbase, which makes them fairly unstable. This is particularly true since most riders have a higher center of gravity. Swerving to miss even a small road hazard can result in a crash if a rider loses their balance and falls.

Rider Inexperience

There is no test required to be able to ride an electric scooter. Simply download an app and put in your credit card number, and you’re free to use a scooter-share company’s device. 

Whether or not a rider has experience with an electric scooter is not a factor in their ability to rent one. Inexperienced riders pose a danger to themselves, pedestrians, and other motorists on the road.

High-Risk Behavior

Scooter drivers are often young and prone to high-risk activities such as not wearing a helmet or driving recklessly. Sometimes, people ride with more than one person at a time on the scooter. People also can rent and ride scooters while intoxicated.

Electric scooters are a convenient form of transportation, but they also present very real dangers. If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident involving an electric scooter, you may be entitled to compensation. 

A motor scooter accident lawyer from Koonz McKenney Johnson & DePaolis will assess your case and help you understand your legal options.

Common Motor Scooter Injuries

A lawyer who has dealt with motor scooter accident victims knows the dangers these vehicles can present. After all, the scooters are little more than two wheels, a deck, a steering column, and brakes. And though motor scooter companies encourage riders to wear helmets, not everyone complies. 

Injuries that are commonly seen in electric scooter accidents include:

  • Cuts and abrasions
  • Road rash
  • Fractured or broken bones
  • Chest and abdominal injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Severe bleeding

Although electric scooters appear relatively harmless, they can leave their riders at risk of serious injury or death.

Who pays in an motor scooter accident?

This question is not as easy to answer as it may seem. Of course, if a negligent car driver injures a scooter rider, the at-fault driver’s insurance should cover the damages. Most states have a legally mandated minimum insurance for drivers who use their motor vehicles on the road.

Scooter riders have no such insurance requirements. If a scooter rider has a homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy, someone who is injured by them may be able to collect damages. 

However, if the electric scooter operator has no homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy, the injured party may have no recourse to recover compensation.

Compensation for Injured Motor Scooter Operators

If you were injured because you were hit by a car while operating an electric scooter, you may be able to recover damages from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. The compensation you receive may include money for:

  • Medical expenses related to the accident
  • Lost wages for time off work
  • Lost ability to earn income
  • Pain and suffering

The state of Maryland allows three years from the date of an accident for an injured person to initiate legal action. 

If you bring a lawsuit on behalf of a loved one who was killed in an electric scooter accident, you have three years from the date of their death in which to file your suit. Don’t wait to file until after the statute of limitations has passed — you will lose your right to seek a legal remedy.

Get Help with Your Motor Scooter Accident Claim

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We know that navigating the legal process can be overwhelming. It’s important to have experience on your side when you need help obtaining the compensation you need and deserve after an accident. Remember, the clock is ticking, so contact us today.