Man Partially Loses Finger in Maryland Workplace Accident

A contractor in Baltimore lost part of his finger in a construction accident. The 59-year-old was working on a construction project at the Harford Community College. According to WBAL, the man stopped to pick up a piece of asphalt on the ground when a nearby skid-loader shifted. The skid-loader trapped the man’s hand and the piece of asphalt between the road and the machine.

The man sustained a serious injury to his hand and lost part of his finger in the accident.

Construction Injuries in Maryland

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Organization, close to 10 percent of all construction site injuries involve being struck by an object. Being caught between objects accounts for 2 percent of construction injuries.

The construction industry is filled with workplace hazards, and employers must provide thorough training and functional equipment to prevent on-the-job injuries like these. OSHA says that 17.6 percent of the workplace fatalities that occurred in America in 2011 involved private construction companies.

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