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Are you a resident of Alexandria who has been injured because of a negligent individual or company? If so, you might have a personal injury case. A dedicated attorney can help you win the compensation you need to cover damages such as medical expenses and lost wages. But you only have a limited amount of time to file your claim.

Koonz McKenney Johnson & DePaolis LLP represents victims of negligence by demanding the justice they deserve in court. We can help you get started on your case today or answer any questions you may have.

What’s A Personal Injury Case?

Personal injury cases come in many forms, but they all share an underlying element of negligence. Reckless or intentional behaviors may also be the basis of the claim. Some of the most common types of personal injury cases are:

  • Automobile accidents. Victims, including pedestrians, who are injured by car or truck drivers can hold those drivers liable if negligence caused the accident. Drunk driving, texting while driving, and speeding are examples of negligent driving behavior.
  • Premises liability. These claims cover injuries sustained while you were on someone else’s property, like at a business or residence. Property owners are required to take reasonable steps to prevent dog bites, slips and falls, and other dangers from hurting guests on their premises.
  • Product liability. Companies that manufacture and sell consumer products may be held liable if someone uses their products and gets injured. Liability may arise because of bad design, bad manufacturing, or lack of adequate warnings or instructions.
  • Medical malpractice. Healthcare providers like doctors, nurses, and hospitals owe patients a duty to treat them with care. If they provide substandard care and cause injury to the patient, they could be held liable for medical malpractice.

How Do I Prove My Personal Injury Case?

In Alexandria, personal injury victims must generally prove four things to win their cases:

Duty. The victim, called the plaintiff in the lawsuit, must show that the defendant owed him or her a duty of care. This duty may be based on a specific relationship, like doctor-patient, which requires one party (the healthcare provider) to care for the other (the patient) based on certain standards. In other cases, however, there is a more general duty of care. An example might be drivers, who owe other drivers a duty to act responsibly even without a specific relationship to them.

Breach. Next, the plaintiff has to show that the defendant breached the duty of care. This is typically done by proving negligence (failure to abide by a standard of conduct required by law) on the part of the defendant. But reckless and intentional behavior can also support this element. While duty of care is relatively easy to establish, whether there was a breach is usually more disputed.

Causation. This means showing that the breach was the primary cause of injury to the plaintiff. A defendant who breaches a duty of care, but doesn’t cause harm to someone, won’t be held liable.

Damages. The final element, damages, also tends to be contested in personal injury lawsuits. The plaintiff has to demonstrate what sort of damages were suffered, examples of which include medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. In addition, the plaintiff must show the monetary value of these damages. Some damages, like medical bills, are more objective and based on records or reasonable projections of future costs. Others, such as pain and suffering, are more subjective.

Is There A Time Limit To File My Personal Injury Claim?

In Alexandria, victims generally have two years from the date of injury to bring a personal injury lawsuit. This deadline is known as the statute of limitations. Some cases may have longer time periods. For instance, because it often takes longer before the consequences of medical malpractice to present themselves, a victim may have more time to bring such a claim.

It’s important to point out that failure to file a claim within the statute of limitations will almost certainly prevent you from ever filing it. This is true no matter how serious your injuries are or even if everyone agrees that negligence was to blame for your injuries.

While the statute of limitations is usually two years, it’s a good idea to bring your case much sooner than that. Evidence can be lost, witnesses can be hard to locate, and even your memory of the accident can fade over time. If you’ve been injured, don’t wait to retain a skilled Alexandria personal injury attorney.

How Can Koonz McKenney Johnson & DePaolis LLP Help Me?

With over 40 years of experience handling personal injury claims in the Alexandria area, we are well-versed in personal injury law. We also know what it takes to put together a compelling case.

You deserve an attorney who understands how to prove the value of your case to a jury. We have a network of expert witnesses who can help determine a fair dollar amount of compensation for your injuries. Getting your damages right the first time is critical. Once your case settles or is decided in court, you won’t get to ask for more money if problems arise later.

We stand by our clients each step of the way, advocating for their rights and answering any questions they have. Some cases can settle out of court, but if the defendant or the insurance company refuses to be reasonable, we’re prepared to take your case to trial. That’s the level of service you can expect from us.

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