Julie Heiden Tells Her Story On How She Came to Work at Koonz McKenney

By Peter DePaolis

Injury attorney Julie Heiden explains her story of coming to work at the Koonz McKenney law firm as interesting one. Originally from California she came to the Washington D.C area to study law. At one of the seminars she attended she heard Joseph Koonz speak. The encounter immediately made her want to work for him, and in that same area of law, because of how inspiring he was. She wrote Mr. Koonz a letter but did not receive a response. She happened to meet an individual who was a good friend of Joe Koonz and he told her to write again, mentioning his name. She had an interview the very next day and the rest his history.

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Actually, the story of how I came to work at Koonz McKenney is sort of an interesting one. I originally grew up in California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, and I had come to law school in the Washington D.C area, and at that time I attended a seminar, and one of the speakers at the seminar was Joseph Koonz. That was in the spring of my third year of law school, it was just coincidentally that I was about to get married in California, the following month, so right after that seminar and hearing Joe Koonz speak I said I want to work for him, and that is the kind of law that I want to do, because he was so inspiring. I wrote Mr. Koonz a letter and I did not receive a response, however the next month I went out to California, and during the course of our premarital counseling sessions I met an individual, and when that individual who was counseling us, or I guess evaluating whether or not we could receive a certain dispensation to get married in the church, that individual asked me what I wanted to do, and I mentioned to that individual that I wanted to work for Joe Koonz in Washington D.C, but Joe Koonz did not know that he wanted me to work for him yet, and when I mentioned his name, this individual nearly fell out of his chair because it turned out he was childhood best friends with Joe Koonz. So, that individual said to me when you get back from your honeymoon I want you to write Joe Koonz a letter and tell him my name, that Father Martin said, tell him to say hello, and so that is what I did, and lo and behold this time when I wrote Joe Koonz, I had an interview the very next day. For more information please go to our website Koonz.com
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