Is Inadequate Bar Security a Problem in DC?

By Peter DePaolis

When you visit a bar, you have a right to feel safe. If a bar or restaurant fails to provide adequate security to patrons and/or overserves its guests, it can be held liable for any incidents or accidents that may occur. Photo of gavel

This includes instances of assault. If another person at a bar is belligerent or intoxicated, and the bar offers inadequate security leading to a fight or an assault and someone is injured, he or she could potentially hold the establishment liable via a lawsuit. Bar security needs to be taken seriously.

Sadly, many assaults and altercations take place when establishments serve alcohol with lax security, as people are more prone to violent outbursts when they have been drinking.

If you are ever assaulted and/or injured in an altercation at a bar, contact our attorneys. Recently, our firm’s Kelly Fisher settled a case involving inadequate bar security, which she deems as an ongoing problem in Washington D.C.

D.C. Bar Faces Scrutiny After Stabbing

Recently, the Washington Post reported that the liquor license of McFadden’s, a popular bar on Pennsylvania Avenue in Northwest D.C., was suspended after five people were injured in a stabbing incident.

According to a report by the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration, the alleged assailant attacked people after employees of the bar escorted him outside instead of holding him for police.

The Post reported that ABRA deemed McFadden’s “an imminent danger” to the public’s health and safety. The incident allegedly occurred on December 27. The assault reportedly occurred among a group of people celebrating a birthday.

Contact Our Attorneys If You Have Been Injured in a Bar

Again, bars have a duty to make sure that guests are protected, which includes providing adequate security. If you have been injured because of an assault at an establishment, contact our attorneys, who can investigate your case and determine if any negligence on the part of the bar played a role in your case.

Remember, physical violence can result in injuries like brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and broken bones. These injuries often require expensive rehabilitation and medical care, so you should look into pursuing damages if this happens to you.

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