How Do I Appeal a Case? Our Attorneys Explain Your Options

By Peter DePaolis

If you are looking to appeal your court case, you may be wondering what lawyer you should choose to guide you through the appeals process. When you have an experienced appellate attorney, you can be sure all options will be explored, all briefs will be thoroughly researched and written, and all appellate hearings will be argued by a seasoned litigator.

What Can I Expect From the Appeals Process?

If you want to appeal your case, you need a lawyer with specialized skills and extensive experience in this area of law. If you lose a case at the trial level, you need an attorney with the knowledge to explain the mistakes of law that occurred in the trial court.

In the appellate world, there are local and appellate courts, with three judges who decide your case. The appeal process consists of a panel of judges deciding if there was enough evidence for your case, and uses the facts of your case to see how they apply to the law. The appeals process requires written briefs, which summarizes the case, and explains reasons why the first verdict was entered in error.

Our appellate practitioners have extensive experience appealing cases for clients who were represented by other counsel at the trial level. From construction accidents to government liability cases to medical malpractice, our team of lawyers have successfully taken on challenging legal issues.

Appellate specialist and Washington, D.C. injury lawyer Marc Fielder has had successful appeals in both state and federal appellate courts. Recently, Mr. Fielder won an appeals case for a young man whose legs were amputated below the knee because of a physician’s extreme negligence in failing to diagnose his illness. He also won an appeals case for a worker who sustained severe burns after removing asbestos from an underground electrical cable that the utility company neglected to turn off.

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