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Former UPS Driver Found Negligent in Crash

Posted on December 30, 2009 to

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Companies should take care to make sure their drivers are attentive at all times during the course of their working time. Corporations should check the schedules of drivers to ensure they have enough resting time between shifts of work, that they have little or no distractions while driving and that they are not overworked so they feel as though they are in a hurry to travel from one location to the next.

The driver of a Maryland United Parcel Service truck was charged with negligent driving in a fatal crash that killed the driver of a car. The driver of the car was in the process of taking his daughter to school when the accident happened. The daughter suffered severe head injuries in the crash. The truck driver was also charged with the failure to stop at a red light and the failure to obey a traffic device. After an investigation to determine if the traffic light worked properly, authorities decided that one of the drivers ran the light prior to the accident.

Driving a company vehicle is a major responsibility. Care should be taken when driving the vehicle due to others who share the road. There is a major size advantage a UPS truck has over a car. The driver of the UPS truck should not have run the stop light.

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