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Five Injured in School Bus Crash in Northwest D.C.

Almost twice as many children ride school buses year each year in the United States than all of the people taking trips on public buses. There are about a half a million school buses transporting 25 million of our nation’s children. With tens of millions of children making so many trips, accidents are bound to occur, and about 30 kids lose their lives each year in school bus-related accidents. A Washington D.C. personal injury lawyer can obtain compensation for your loved ones if they receive injuries in a school bus accident or due to the negligence of others driving near the bus.

Last month, a Washington D.C. school bus and three other vehicles were involved in a crash in the 4800 block of Connecticut Avenue near Davenport Avenue. The crash delayed traffic for two hours, and D.C. fire responded to the scene. Ambulances took five people, including two children who were eight or nine years old, to the hospital.

Children face injuries while riding a school bus in many ways. Besides a typical vehicle crash whether due to the negligence of the bus driver or another driver, children have been hurt getting off the bus when they slip. Drivers have also hit children when the drivers try to maneuver around a bus without paying careful attention to the location of the children.

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