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Fire Truck Responding to Fire Collides With Two Vehicles

Despite Use of Lights and Sirens, Three Seriously Injured

Drivers need to stay vigilant at all times that they are behind the wheel, but this is particularly the case when emergency vehicles are on the streets with their lights flashing and sirens blaring. Drivers should be able to hear and see the emergency vehicles. They should move their own vehicles to the side, or at least out of the way as much as possible, to allow the responders to pass easily and safely.

A Washington, D.C. fire truck was on its way to a reported fire Friday morning at the library of George Washington University when the truck hit one car, which then struck another at the intersection of 14th and Constitution Avenue. No firefighters were injured, but three people were hurt – two in critical condition, one in serious. The truck had its lights and sirens on as it headed towards the fire.

Fire trucks are difficult to miss on the roads. Aside from their large size and bright colors, fire trucks responding to a fire, as in this case, employ flashing lights and loud sirens to facilitate their arrival at the emergency as quickly and safely as possible. Drivers who are listening to music at too loud of a level might not hear the sirens. In addition, drivers who have not properly adjusted their mirrors or who have objects in their cars that obstruct a clear view of all sides might also miss an oncoming fire truck. If you are on the road at the same time that an emergency vehicle is responding to an emergency, do your best to help its safe passage.

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