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Fire Starts in Garbage Truck

Posted on November 1, 2011 to

Peter DePaolis

A fire that started in the back of a Norfolk garbage truck marks the latest in a line of concerns surrounding the city’s trash haulers. As reported at hamptonroads.com, the fire started in the back of the truck late last month. According to a city inspector, the blaze began when a plastic bag touched a hot component inside the truck.

Fortunately, no one suffered burn injuries in the fire and a tow truck took the garbage truck in for repairs. The garbage fire comes on the heels of a fatal accident earlier this year when a sanitation worker died after a garbage truck crushed him to death. An investigation by the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry revealed 19 serious violations that endangered worker safety at the sanitation department.

Many companies and agencies are making cutbacks to save money these days. When cutbacks compromise worker safety, it is a concern for everyone. All workers are entitled to a safe workplace free of hazards. Employers can be liable when they put workers at risk on the job.

Has your industry made cutbacks to save money, and do you feel it has compromised workplace safety?

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