Elderly Woman Struck and Killed at Bus Stop

By Peter DePaolis

On May 9, a 77-year-old woman died after she was struck by an SUV at a Wheaton bus stop.

Police identified the elderly woman as Maria Lusminia Colindres of Silver Spring. The accident happened at Veirs Mill Road and Ferrara Avenue around 4:30 p.m. The driver attempted a U-turn, and for unknown reasons, the car took off in a complete circle crossing six travel lanes and hopping two curbs. Colindres, waiting at the bus stop, was struck by the erratic driver and killed.

The chances of this tragedy occurring are incomprehensible. The SUV  went straight into the bus shelter and over a passenger bench without even hitting its sides.

Colindres lived just blocks away. Her grieving family says she was a mother and a grandmother.

Since 2010, five pedestrians have been struck at this intersection including a 4-year-old who was also waiting for a bus when a car jumped the curb at this same shelter.

Pedestrian Accidents are Dangerous for All Involved

Of all car accidents, pedestrian accidents can be the most devastating because they involve at least one person who is walking on foot, unprotected by a motor vehicle, seat belt, or airbags. The total death toll for car-pedestrian accidents in 2009 was around 5,300 people, which includes vehicle occupants as well as pedestrians.

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Tip of the Week: According to the Governor’s Highway Safety Association, in 2009 pedestrian deaths accounted for approximately 12 percent of all traffic fatalities nationwide.

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