Do You Know What to Do If You are Hit by a Car?

By Peter DePaolis

A young reporter working for the Atlantic found out how complex being the victim of a pedestrian accident can be. “I wasn’t prepared for the game I had to play in order to ensure justice for myself,” she said while considering the event. “Luckily, my injuries weren’t life-threatening.” One Sunday morning a car took a left hand turn and struck her while she was crossing the street and the next few months of her life became very complicated.

What To Do If Hit by a Car

If you’ve been hit by a car while walking or riding your bicycle, keeping calm can seem downright impossible, but there are several steps that you can take to help guide you through what happens next.

  • Move off the roadway
  • Don’t let the driver leave
  • Call the police
  • Collect the driver’s info
  • Take photos
  • Seek medical attention

Documenting what happened can be very crucial when insurance companies get involved later, and police reports can provide very strong evidence. Keep in contact with the police. Also remember that it’s better not to discuss details with the driver’s insurance. Contact a law firm soon to make sure you are taken care of after an accident. Our experience can help protect you from being taken advantage of. Contact us if you’ve been injured by a motor vehicle in Virginia. For more information about what to do after a motor vehicle crash, check out our transportation accident page.

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