Distracted Driving Leads To Emotional Wreck

By Peter DePaolis

Sometimes our emotions can get the better of us. This is not our fault; we are all human. We all get angry, we all laugh uproariously and we all get jealous. And sometimes we cry.

When we get behind the wheel of a car, however, we must do our best to check our emotions; to do otherwise could lead to terrible consequences. An accident in Hillsville illustrates this fact tragically.

It all began when Castus Eugene Horton and a friend were chopping up a large tree as it lay on the ground. As the two men worked to remove the tree from the roadway it blocked, the massive trunk rolled over on to Horton and pinned him to the ground.

Local emergency teams worked frantically to free the man. In the commotion, someone placed a call to Horton’s daughter Teresa, who leapt into her car and tore across town to the scene.

maryland car accidentOn her way down the highway, probably fighting panic and tears, she lost control of her car. She ran off the side of the road, flying down the incline. As she corrected and came back up, she hit the edge of the shoulder, struck a mailbox and rolled the vehicle several times.

“She was probably going a little too fast,” said a Virginia state trooper, adding “but was trying to drive as quickly and safely as she could.”

The woman’s 29-year-old daughter was thrown from the vehicle, and was found to be in a great deal of pain at the scene. The woman was airlifted to a medical facility in Winston-Salem, but her injuries appeared not to be life threatening.

Heartbreakingly, when Ms. Bolt regained consciousness, emergency technicians had to inform her that her father had not survived his accident.

A Distracted Driver Caused My Accident and I Need a Virginia Injury Attorney

Sadly, what happened in Hillsville is a form of a growing trend known as distracted driving. In this case, of course, we can empathize with the driver—any one of us might have reacted in the same way. Far too many distracted driving accidents, however, can be avoided. Even in this instance, the woman might have asked a friend or co-worker who was not an emotional wreck to drive her across town.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a distracted driving accident, it is important that you speak with a Virginia injury attorney to know your rights. At Koonz, McKenney, Johnson & DePaolis L.L.P., our staff offers a free consultation so you can better understand your options. Call us today.

Did You Know? In 2012, approximately 421,000 people were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving a distracted driver.

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Source: http://www.thecarrollnews.com/article/20140424/news/304249964#.U-UjmfldUm0

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