Deadly Carbon Monoxide Leak at DC Apartment Complex

Deadly carbon monoxide fumes overtook a three-story apartment complex in the Northwest Bloomingdale neighborhood of DC earlier this month. A Washington, D.C. Fire Department spokesperson said that two workers at the Parker Flats at Gage School condominiums were using a pressure washer in an unventilated, underground garage. The carbon monoxide fumes overtook the men and emergency responders found them unconscious upon arrival at around 3:30 p.m.

Rescue workers rushed the two men to George Washington University Hospital with life threatening injuries. Firefighters went door to door around the complex to search for other victims. After evacuating the apartment complex, there were no other reported injuries. According to the DC Fire spokesperson, carbon monoxide levels were high in the garage but the rest of the complex was free of the fumes.

Doctors described the two victims’ condition as Priority 1, which means serious and life threatening.

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