Does D.C. Offer a Car Safety Seat Program?

By Peter DePaolis

Did you know that the District of Columbia offers a safety seat program for the parents of young children?

For information about Project Safe-Child, you can visit the District Department of Transportation site by clicking here. The program allows DC parents to purchase infant, toddler and booster seats at reduced rates or receive them for free.

You need to make an appointment before picking up a seat by calling 202-671-2350. The DDOT offers various pickup locations, including:

  • CentroNia
  • Children’s Hospital
  • George Washington Hospital
  • Georgetown Hospital
  • Mary’s Center
  • Providence Hospital

The program began in 2002. Keep in mind, vehicle accidents are the leading killer of children, ages 14 and under.

The Importance of a Child Safety Seat

Did you know that all children under the age of one should be kept in rear-facing infant seats while riding in a vehicle? This is just one of the many reasons you should investigate any child car seat before making a purchase and why Project Safe-Child is so important.

There are more than 70 different types of child car seats being sold in stores today—each one must meet certain federal safety requirements. Having the right safety seat, depending upon the size and age of your child, is extremely important. By working with this program, you could potentially ensure that your child gets the right seat for him or her.

Remember, you could face charges if you are transporting a child under the age of eight years old if he or she is not properly restrained in a child seat or booster. It is your duty as a driver to make sure the passengers in your vehicle, especially children, are safe.

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Did You Know? DC drivers who do not properly secure a child passenger can face a fine of up to $75 and two points on his or her license.

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