D.C. Metrobus and Car Collide, Injuring Three

By Peter DePaolis

Despite the recent publicity surrounding Metro subway accidents, accidents involving Metrobuses are more common in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area due to the amount of traffic and pedestrians. Over the years, Metrobuses have killed joggers and pedestrians, struck taxis, and been involved in numerous accidents with other vehicles.

A Metrobus and car collided, causing minor injuries to the bus driver and two bus passengers, but no injuries to the car passengers. The accident occurred Saturday morning at New York and Florida Avenues NE, according to police. It backed up traffic for hours, closing New York Avenue in both directions. A Metro spokesperson said that the passenger vehicle had veered in front of the bus.

Bus drivers, passengers, and pedestrians can all bear responsibilities for bus accidents. Passengers and pedestrians in D.C. need to be especially vigilant in the presence of buses. Because they are larger vehicles, buses do not maneuver or stop as easily as smaller sedans. Drivers should allow plenty of space between their cars and a bus as a safety precaution.

Pedestrians, joggers, and cyclists should avoid using headphones at high volumes, so that they can be aware of their surroundings. Buses have struck several pedestrians wearing headphones who were oblivious to an oncoming bus. In addition, courts can hold bus drivers liable when they behave negligently, such as falling asleep at the wheel or driving at an excessive speed.

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