Construction Site Dangers to Watch Out For

By Peter DePaolis

The construction industry has a terrible record of preventable accidents that injure or kill workers. The blog will discuss the five most common construction site dangers to watch out for to help keep yourself safe on the job. Sometimes, simply being aware of potential hazards can save a person’s life.

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The Scope of the Safety Problem in the Construction Trades

The construction industry is responsible for around 20% of all workplace fatalities of all occupations. Safety violations caused more than half of these accidents, so most of these deaths were preventable. We will talk about the five most common hazards in the construction industry.

Accidents Involving Construction Vehicles

Construction vehicles are one of the most common dangers for workers, accounting for around one-fourth of all construction work fatalities. This statistic includes vehicles delivering equipment, materials, and personnel, as well as construction vehicles driving between job sites and vehicles located at the location of the construction project. 

Fall Accidents

Working in construction can involve multiple levels, like unfinished levels of a multi-story building or work on a roof. Falling from a height is a common cause of injuries in construction, resulting in many deaths. Workers who survive a fall injury can face paralysis, traumatic brain injury, fractures, and other severe wounds.

Fall accidents also include tripping over objects at the construction project. Electrical cables, pipes, wires, and other items typically found at construction sites are tripping hazards that can lead to accidents even at the ground level of the job site.

Struck by an Object

A construction worker can get struck by an object that rolled off of or fell from a height above them. Also, heavy loads get moved from one place to another on a construction site, and while these objects are moving, they could collide with a worker.


Electricians are in danger of electrocution accidents in construction work because of the high-voltage equipment located on these job sites. Arc flashes, live wires, energized equipment, and other situations can lead to electrocution injuries to electricians and other construction workers.  

Caught Between Equipment and Moving Objects

With all of the “moving parts” necessary to complete a construction project, a worker can get caught and crushed between moving objects and equipment when the people present do not constantly remain observant. Many of these grisly accidents are preventable with proper training, safety protocols, communication, and the avoidance of distractions.

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