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Coles-Green v. District of Columbia, et al. Complaint Filed

Click to access the T’Anita Coles-Green v. The District of Columba, et al. Lawsuit

Today, the family of a man killed by a District of Columbia fire truck files a lawsuit based on historical inaction by the Fire Department.  The widow and six children of a man killed by the DC Fire Department assert that a long history of inaction led to the fatal collision between a fire truck and a Honda passenger car.

The lawsuit states facts showing that the DC Fire Department has deliberately not trained fire truck drivers to meet the national standard for safe driving. DCFEMS rejected safe driving recommendations by the U.S. Department of Transportation, D.C. Council, Rosenbaum Commission, an independent audit, and did not follow the advice of the Deputy Fire Chief for Training.

As a result of this historical inaction, an unqualified truck driver recklessly sped at 55 mph on a 30 mph street at Rhode Island Ave. N.E., killing a man in a busy intersection at 1:30 in the afternoon.

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