Where Do Most Car Accidents Occur?

By Peter DePaolis

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Driving a vehicle in the United States is dangerous business at times. Not only do you commute to work, but you use your vehicle to visit friends, family, and transport your children. Traveling by vehicle is how you go on vacation. Also, with lower gas prices, it seems more people are taking their vehicles out and using them to get from Point A to Point B.

Sadly, the increased volume of vehicles on the road means more accidents and injuries. Driving from work to home might appear safe, after all, it is only a few miles. However, the closer you are to home, the more likely you are to be in an accident.

Most Accidents Occur Close to Home

According to Esurance, most accidents happen within a 25-mile radius of home. Therefore, long road trips are not the only threat you must worry about. Often these accidents occur nearby because you and other motorists in the area are in your comfort zone. You know the area, so you are not as alert as you would be in a newer neighborhood. You are more relaxed too, lessening your reaction times.

The Time of the Day Matters Too

While where you are matters, the time of the day matters too. There is no way to stop car accidents, and as a motorist, you can do your best to remain cautious.

However, if you are driving in a six-hour block ranging from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm, realize you are in the prime accident block. The highest percentage of incidents occur from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm – around the time people are getting out of work, running last-minute errands, and driving home. Commuters will rush home to make dinner or see family or head out to the grocery store.

The vast majority of fatal accidents occur during rush hour. However, rush hour is also the fewest DUI-related accidents. Instead, DUIs are more common at night. Alcohol-related accidents occur from 9:00 pm to midnight, with midnight to 6:00 am being the most fatal for DUI-related incidents.

Accidents Occur When More People are on the Road

It does not take a scientist to realize that accidents happen while on the road, and when you are sharing that road with more drivers. Rush hour and high-volume traffic days (i.e. holidays) see a heightened number of collisions and injuries.

Doing Your Part to Stay Safe

While you cannot control how others drive, there are ways to reduce the chances you will be the cause of an accident. Always remain alert, especially when on the road with multiple drivers. Never drink and drive. Even if you feel fine, it is best to let a friend who has not been drinking drive or do ride-sharing.

Lastly, avoid distractions. When you are on the road with a high volume of vehicles, you cannot risk looking at your phone for text messages or even adjusting the radio. All it takes is a few seconds with your eyes off the road for a dangerous accident to happen.

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