Authorities Charge Maryland Man in Bus Crash

Maryland authorities charged a 49-year-old man for his role in an accident involving a school bus filled with kindergarten students. Last month, the man’s SUV swerved in front of the bus, causing the bus to overturn. Seventeen people suffered injuries in the accident, including 10 of the children.

Now the driver faces charges of reckless driving and negligent driving, among other charges. According to Maryland authorities, the school bus had the right of way on Route 213 in Queen Anne’s County. The SUV drove directly into the bus path and the bus turned to avoid hitting it. The bus struck a utility pole and overturned.

There were 35 passengers total on the bus, including the students and chaperones. Emergency responders took the 17 injured to local hospitals with non-life threatening injuries. The SUV driver also suffered minor injuries in the accident.

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