Asbestos Found in Children’s Crayons & Toys

By Peter DePaolis

Asbestos Found in Children’s Crayons & Toys

CNN reported recently that four boxes of crayons and two toy crime lab kits sold in America have tested positive for traces of asbestos.

The findings come in a report done by the advocacy group EWG Action Fund. The group allegedly hired a private lab to test children’s products for toxicity. Keep in mind, asbestos exposure has been linked to serious respiratory complications including lung disease, lung cancer and mesothelioma.

The EWG reported that it found asbestos traces in “Amscan Crayons purchased at Party City as well as Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Crayons and Saban’s Power Rangers Super Megaforce boxes purchased at Dollar Tree.”

Additionally, the group said that it found traces in the “black fingerprint powder in the Edu Science Deluxe Forensics Lab Kit, purchased at, and the white fingerprint powder from the Inside Intelligence Secret Spy kit, purchased on”

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said it is aware of the report and that it plans to follow up by possibly testing the products. Officials with the businesses selling the products said that they would await word from the CPSC about how to move forward.

Three types of asbestos—tremolite, chrysotile and anthophyllite—were allegedly found in the children’s products. Continue to read our blog and we will update you if the CPSC issues a recall relating to these products.

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It is scary to think that children could be playing with crayons and toys that contain toxic materials like asbestos. Any manufacturer that releases a product aimed at children has a duty to thoroughly test it and ensure that it is safe. Those that fail the public and cause injuries can and should be held liable.

If a defective product injures your child, speak to our attorneys, as you may be entitled to damages. Aside from toys, other children’s products including strollers, car seats and high chairs experience recalls over defects.

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