Accidents Caused by Driver Error

By Peter DePaolis

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While some truck accidents and car wrecks can be caused by circumstances out of your control, such as dangerous car defects and bad weather, many Washington, D.C. accidents are the results of driver error. All drivers must act responsibly to prevent these accidents, but any motorist can make a negligent mistake caused by distractions, reckless driving or inexperience. When motorists make negligent mistakes and fail to prevent or anticipate crashes, their driver errors put everyone else on the road in danger.

Our car accident attorneys provide the following information about common types of driver errors that could potentially cause your involvement in a car accident. Each Washington, D.C. auto accident attorney at Koonz, McKenney, Johnson & DePaolis L.L.P. has represented enough car accident injury victims in the DC to understand the gravity of a driver error accident. For more than 30 years, our personal injury law firm has helped victims of driver error accidents and their families seek financial compensation from the drivers at fault for damages caused by dangerous driving mistakes.

Inexperienced Drivers Can Cause Accidents

Driver inexperience can contribute to driver error accidents. Any motorist, such as a teenage driver, who does not know how to handle a vehicle in adverse conditions may panic or make the wrong move, causing a dangerous collision that can cause severe car accident injury.

Educating teens on how to drive safely and what to do in an emergency could save their lives as well as protect those who share the road with them.

Driver Error Fatigue-Related Accidents

Driving while tired can quickly lead to a driver error accident and is just as dangerous as driving while drunk, if not more so. Fatigue is common on long driving trips, but drowsy driving can happen in a number of situations. If you have been driving for an extended period of time or are driving late at night and feel sleepy, stop for the night or even pull over and take a nap in a safe location. Driver error caused by sleepy motorists can be especially dangerous when it involves commercial truck drivers.

Truck driver fatigue is a leading cause of large truck accidents in the United States. Semi-truck drivers frequently drive while tired to avoid missing deadlines. Trucking companies often pressure their drivers to make deadlines, which may push truck drivers to forego necessary breaks. In an accident involving a tractor-trailer, the occupants of nearby vehicles are almost always the ones who suffer. Read more about other types of truck driver errors that can cause 18 wheeler accidents.

If you are involved in a car or truck accident and believe the other driver may have fallen asleep behind the wheel or committed another driver error that led to the crash, our driver error accident lawyers can investigate the accident and other circumstances to potentially prove careless driving.

What is Distracted Driving? Distracted Driving Accident Attorney Near Me

Distracted driving is extremely common. Many times, we get behind the wheels of our cars and do not really think much about driving. Drivers carelessly talk or text on cellphones, apply makeup, fix their hair, eat and drink, scold their children and talk with passengers. Each of these activities takes some attention off the road, the weather and other cars, which can lead to unfortunate consequences like car accident injuries caused by distracted driving accidents.

When you drive, focus on driving rather than your passengers, food, and using your cellphone. If you need to talk, eat or put on makeup, pull over. It is worth it to take the little extra time to avoid a driver error accident.

Common Examples of Aggressive Driver Error in DC

Aggressive drivers tailgate, jump lanes, whip in and out of traffic, drive on the shoulder to pass traffic jams, honk their horns and flash their lights. Aggressive drivers may also speed excessively and fail to obey traffic signals, stop signs or yield to other motorists, motorcyclists, bicyclists as well as pedestrians. They may make obscene gestures and try to wage war on other drivers through acts of road rage, using their cars as weapons.

If another motorist is driving aggressively, stay out of his or her way, even if you know you are right under the law. If this type of aggressive driving causes an accident, a Washington, D.C. auto accident law firm can help make sure you receive full and fair compensation.

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