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A Woman and Child Suffered a Hit-and-Run

Posted on December 18, 2009 to

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Drivers have an ethical and legal responsibility to pay attention to where they are traveling and to avoid hitting anyone or anything while they are behind the wheel. Further, drivers have the additional responsibility of resolving any damages or injuries they cause. If you are involved of a pedestrian incident, this means that you have hit someone on foot. You as the driver in such an incident have the responsibility of stopping, exchanging contact information with the person you hit and waiting for law enforcement to investigate. No one wants a pedestrian accident to happen. But if it does, you have a responsibility to stay on the scene.

A South Riding woman and her child were injured after being struck by an oncoming vehicle. As the woman was pushing her child in a stroller across the intersection of South Riding Blvd. and Peacock Market, a black automobile struck the woman and the stroller. After the driver stopped to ask if they were all right, the driver drove away from the scene. Loudoun deputies are investigating who the driver was.

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