A Pepco Employee Shot After Hassle

By Peter DePaolis

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Employers should take every precaution necessary to protect workers from outside dangers. If an employer notices that workers may be in physical danger, steps should be taken immediately to take them out of harm’s way.

A worker from Pepco was shot in the neck following a verbal heckling from five teenagers. The teens, three males and two females, started harassing Pepco’s maintenance workers in Northwest Washington, D.C. The workers were repairing a medium-voltage cable that was located outside a store. After other Pepco workers stopped the worker and one of the teens from pushing one another, the teens left the scene. Minutes later, the teens returned with a gun and again hassled the workers. Without warning, a gun was discharged by one of the teens and struck one of the workers.

When workers are out in public on company business, care should be taken to ensure the safety of their well-being. Even though the workers were there to complete a job, the teens tried to interrupt work in progress and the incident worsened after the verbal assault. Police should have been contacted to attempt to avoid any further confrontation.

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